Day 59, August 2: Perth Andover, Nackawic to Cambridge Narrows, NB

… so continues the story of last night’s Bistro.  This little Bistro, overlooking the St. John in Perth Andover was outstanding and the owner and his wife made everything even more interesting.  Aug2BistroCharles lived in Africa for fourteen years and subsequent to that in South Korea.  We started talking, and Charles was so excited for us, and said the Blackfly Gazette would love our story, so he made a call to the owner, publisher, editor and reporter of this new local newspaper, here is the photo for the news coverage.

Aug2photoforpaperPerth Andover is really such a very nice quaint village and that evening we enjoyed a parade of boats after dark, felt like we were at Disney with such a top notch production, with the streets on either side of the river lined with all the residents.

Aug2BoatParadeAfter the wonderful dinner we decided we couldn’t turn down an invite back for breakfast. A great decision to start our  59th day on the road.

Aug2BreakfastAs we were having breakfast we introduced ourselves to a nice couple, who were keen to know about our ride. They were First Nation members and had been to Vancouver for the National Council  meetings.  I had to ask how they would like to be referred to as everyone has a different idea what is politically correct, they said Native Canadian was quite appropriate.  As we were preparing to leave they brought over an envelope with a sizeable donation to our cause and also suggested that they would contact their brother, the Leiutenant Governor of New Brunswick and he would be happy to receive us and show us around the provincial buildings.  As it was Sunday when we would be passing through, we thanked them for the gracious offer, but that it wouldn’t work with our schedule.

We drove back to our campsite and started our ride to Nackawic, leaving with great memories of Perth Andover and our new friends.

The ride to Nackawic was longer than the anticipated 140 km as we took the country road running along the St. John, which meant no traffic , but extra distance.


Aug2NackawicI have attached a picture of the worlds longest covered bridge in Hartland where we also stopped for food fuel.

Aug2Covered BridgeWhen we arrived close to 6:00 pm Jon was excited to tell us that there was a concert and free food across the river celebrating the official opening of a new nano brewery called Big Axe Brewery, as the town is known as having the largest axe know to mankind. We showered quickly and drove over the bridge taking us to a bed & breakfast brewery, which is a different approach. There was a sizable gathering with a rock & roll band playing music from the 70’s, pretty good sound and to our delight lots of food including burgers, dogs, salads, fruit etc…and beer for $5 a pint.

Aug2BreweryWe enjoyed the host’s free food, had a couple of beers and departed around 9:00 pm as we had just finished another full day.

Catch up tomorrow,

Cheers, Sid!

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