Day 63, August 8: Northumberland, PEI to Antigonish, NS

We were up early to get ourselves through the rituals and make the 9:30 ferry to Nova Scotia…we actually got there by 9:00 am with Hughs prodding and it afforded us some walk around and photo time. I spoke to two of the men waiting for the catch to come in and they told me there was an abundance of crab and lobster this year. Each fisherman was limited to 3,000 lbs of catch with a limit of 7,000 lbs a boat. A good time to be buying either as prices are down.

Aug8-lobstertrapsAug8-LobsterWe were the first on the ferry and as we walked through the empty hull I felt we were inside a stadium but very soon the fifth wheelers, campers and cars arrived to fill it to capacity. We enjoyed the trip to NS over calm water and sunshine…75 minutes…thank you Northumberland ferries for comping the ride, a savings of $150.00.

Aug8-FerryWe were off first and riding to our destination of Antigonish, which was a nice ride, except traffic coming off the ferry for the first 20 km.


Aug8-PictouWe rode through New Glasgow and saw Sobey’s and I immediately thought of Bill and Donna McEwan and their years of being familiar with this area.

We then ventured off on a secondary road, #4 which made me think of many of the Saturday morning rides at home up Frogs Hollow and onto Walters Falls. We took this route because we believed that all the names marked on the map would be interesting to see but most of the places could have one board welcoming you and saying come again. We pushed ahead through the rolling terrain until we came to the point where #4 intersected with the main highway #104 and made the decision to ride the last 25 km on this shouldered highway. This started out just fine but very soon the thunderstorms that had been forecast started to make there presence in the distance with light rain. Very soon we were into the eye of the storm with hard rain and lightning and loud thunder very close.  Ok I won’t try to be macho…it was scary. We continued because there was no place to go as we revisited trucks and trailers going by reminding us again of being in a carwash. We finally saw an overpass ahead and we agreed to stop and take shelter along with several motorcyclists.

We were only a few km from our destination, and with lightning and wind circling around we called Jon for a pick up.  We ended at the Pipers Pub for a dry spot, and then back to our campsite once all had cleared, and actually enjoyed a sunset… pretty amazing how these storms come and go!

Enjoyed a campfire with smores and now off to a dry sleep!

Cheers, Sid and team.


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