Day 58, August 1: Edmundston to Perth Andover, Bairds Campsite, NB

Today started with the type of weather we enjoy, 20 degrees and partially overcast with a good forecast promised by accu weather.

As we were stuffed from last night we agreed that rather than the traditional breakfast we would stop enroute at the first breakfast place.  After less then an hour we stopped for an enjoyable and hardy breakfast.

The boys at the bike shop the night before recommended a secondary road to Perth Andover, Highway 144. This was a treat as it was much less travelled as anyone in a hurry uses the Expressway #2.  This road had a nice wide bike lane a posted sign, “No Trucks Allowed”.  Although the road was quite hilly it was a really enjoyable ride along the Fiddler’s Route.

Aug1FiddlersRoutWe followed the Maine/ New Brunswick border most of our way and the below photos will give you an idea how close neighbours can be, living in two different countries, separated by a river.

Aug1BorderWe made very good time until we arrived in Grand Falls where we stopped for a break and enjoyed the scenery.

Aug1GrandFallsOn leaving Grand Falls we had another 40 km to our destination but the ride went very quickly, with a good path and little traffic to be concerned about.  The entry into Perth Andover was spectacular as we rode along the St. John River into the picturesque little town with a  bridge connecting the two main streets on either side.


Aug1BridgeWe stopped at a small general store  for a drink and decided a nice double scoop  of maple ice cream was in order, along with some fun!

Aug1FunAfter checking into our campsite and  relaxing for a few minutes we headed to the BISTRO for dinner.  A bit of a story… but I will update you on that tomorrow as I am fading here  at the keyboard.

Cheers,  Sid and Team!!

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3 Responses to Day 58, August 1: Edmundston to Perth Andover, Bairds Campsite, NB

  1. Lou J Klevinas says:


    I’m finding it hard to leave responses on the blog site, so I am just emailing a quick note. I’ve been tracking you and reading all your posts… awesome adventure bud. Proud of you!

    Chat soon, Live. Looking at moving up full time for the winter, just looking for a house to rent for 6 months… hopefully get to spend more time one on one with you.

    Safe riding, Lou

    Sent from my mobile office in Toronto, Canada

  2. Mary J. Graham says:

    Something hilarious Sid about your face partnered with a squaw’s silhouette!! Very good. Love the photos showing the border proximity of the residents.

  3. wendy says:

    Sid and Hugh,
    This still amazes each time I open up the blog. The pictures are unbelievable. We do live in a beautiful country!. I think you should definitely write a book. There truly are such special stories and special people. Trucks I think should be banned from all roads during the day! Hope you enjoy the day!

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