Day 61, August 6: Moncton, NB to Borden Campground, PEI

I have enjoyed my sabatical over the past two or three days… but back to the ride! Here we are in an ongoing downpour in PEI, after just crossing the Confederation Bridge. Even though this is the second time seeing, I am still amazed at the engineering feat and the changes that it brought to the Island.

We left from Moncton yesterday morning where we had spent the previous two nights at the Hampton Hotel, which was a real treat. A special thanks again to Gord Williams and the owner Danny Murphy, outstanding service, nice rooms and a great breakfast. It was our first break since we left home so we both benefited and enjoyed the day off.

Yesterday morning we left Moncton with the Borden KOA as our destination. The ride was quite uneventful except for the stop after a couple of hours, where we enjoyed a country grill that served up great cod on a bun, a little early in the day but well enjoyed.

We did the 100 km ride in four hours, arriving at the bridge on schedule as we had some plans in Charlottetown later in the day. Bicycles are not allowed over the bridge, so a shuttle drove us for $8 each. A brilliant thought hit me and I suggested we put the bikes in the trailer, which worked out well so we didn’t have to wait for the shuttle or spend a dime.

We were surprised at the campsite when the owner said since it was a charity ride our stay would be complimentary. After a short break and a nice shower Hugh and I headed into Charlottetown to meet with another Murphy. Kevin who we discovered is the brother of Danny, the owner of the Moncton Hampton.  Thanks Gord C for making this introduction.

What a great evening with two wonderful individuals Kevin and Kathy who have made an impact on the downtown restaraunt scene, with wonderful bars and restaraunts. We visited three of several of there places, including The Gahan House, Fish Bones (with the only roof top patio in PEI) and Sims, a wonderful building with an amazing atmosphere, great food and service. We can testify to this as we had an outstanding dinner with fresh oysters from three different areas of the island, and a filet that just melted away along with the extras that included nice crab. Hugh suggested for dessert we should have a date sticky toffee pudding, great decision!

As we met with Kevin and Kathy at 4:30 pm, it gave us a nice opportunity to get acquainted and exchange names of the folks from Kinkora and the Island. We also learned about the Brewery that has become a real a success and the brand Gahan that is everywhere in PEI and sold in the liquor stores in the other Maritime Provinces. Congrats Kevin to you, Kathy and your boys for all of your success, and thanks again for a memorable night in Charlottetown.

We arrived back to the campsite about 9:30 pm, ready for lights out. Catch up tomorrow from Northumberland Campground which we be very special as Kelly, Michael and their three boys from Vancouver will meet up with us for the next few days before we head off to Newfoundland.

Cheers Sid and Team!!

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