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  1. John and Susan Stacey says:

    Good luck Sid and Hugh. This is a huge challenge, but we know you are up for it. Stop and smell the roses along the way and enjoy yourselves.

  2. Guys I think you have a problem, you are moving too fast. How are you going to stretch this out to 70 days. Your progress is great. Hope you are enjoying the experience as the Stacys said.

  3. suekelly121 says:

    Hi Sid and Team:
    John Schram told me about your cross Canada expedition which totally awed me. I love viewing your photos which takes me back to past travels across our great nation. How wonderful for you and your team that you have found a special purpose in life that will definitely make a difference. Continued good health on your journey – Sue Kelly

  4. Bar b and Len says:

    Keep it up, we’re thinking of you.

  5. James Carson says:

    Hi Sid,
    Just wanted to wish you all of the best on your cross Canada journey.
    I am from Wasaga Beach, and I am rollerblading across Ontario 2215 km over a 52-day span to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. We started in Kenora on Canada Day, and are in Ignace at Davy Lake tonight, where I believe you stayed as well. We end up in Wasaga on August 21st.
    Take care, best of luck, and safe travels through those hills between Nipigon and Sault Ste. Marie.
    James Carson
    Roll Across Ontario
    Twitter: @rollacrossON
    Facebook: Roll Across Ontario

  6. Cousin Sue says:

    Hi Sid,

    I’d like to have the Meaford Express newspaper interview you or have them at least get a pic when you pass through Meaford. Also wondering if anyone could join you for bike ride from Meaford to Thornbury? So need a reasonably accurate time when will you hit Meaford? Understand from an email received at Meaford Hospital that on next Tuesday a.m. you’ll get to Owen Sound so then what for timing?
    Cuz’ Sue trying to drum up some interest in Meaford for your RIDE through.
    I would have my cell phone on when you get nearer to Meaford on whatever day you plan to pass through.

  7. Allan L Fagan says:

    Hey Sid, I heard about your chosen journey from a mutual friend Gary Scholl and instantly thought if anybody would succeed at making this happen it would be …….YOU !!! Even though the outcome is not in doubt, I want to wish YOU and YOUR TEAM all the success possible as the kilometers click by. You are the epitome of “believe the impossible, dream the unimaginable and never take no for an answer.”
    Cheers, Allan aka Fagie

  8. Hi Sid,
    I just wanted to share with you that OntarioByBike ( and our online community are enjoying your blog entries! We have also included it in recent e-newsletter for others to follow, and will add to social media. (link to newsletter: and we hope that you would consider using our website to help locate some of travel + cycling info and bicycle friendly businesses enroute or in the future
    Best regards,
    Project Coordinator – Ontario By BIke c/o Transportation Options

  9. David Schram says:

    I met a man from China just east of Owen Sound July 6 around 3:30P headed for Thunder Bay. I was wonder if Sid and Hugh saw him pulling his rickshaw sometime on your journey east. I expect he should be closing on Wawa today but no one has informed me yet. Concerned. Long distances between food up there. He was last seen at Montreal River 8:45pm July 15. Please let me know when and where.
    David Schram
    519 538-3996

  10. David French says:

    Sid, if you’re still in Newfoundland I have a friend who would to do an aerial shot of you at the coast.

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