Day 60, August 3: Nackawic to Cambridge Narrows, NB

After a busy day yesterday and no breaks since our departure from GBC on July 21st and losing 1 hour to Atlantic time we are taking our time in getting started in the morning…with no guilt and no apologies.

We are looking forward to going to Janet Dagneau’s brother’s cottage at the narrows today, and the opportunity to kick back and have a swim when we arrive after our 130 km ride planned.  It was great to meet Jeff who lives in St. John and has done very well running a company that makes control valves for industry…the pulp and paper industry is a large part the market here. It was a trip highlight arriving to the lovely cottage. After a long day of hills and heat, we were thankful for the drive from Bill, who helped us out by picking us up at the highway and drove us and bikes to the cottage.

We jumped in and enjoyed a swim right away, and lay around in this huge floating platform called a fun station…named correctly! Janet prepared a great home cooked meal, giving our iron fill with amazing tenderloin, that we really appreciated.

After making some arrangements for our last few days…campgrounds, ferries and coordinating with daughters Cindy, Kelly and families for meeting up with us in PEI and Nova Scotia, I enjoyed a few minutes around the campfire.

I made an early exit a little after 10:00 pm, looking forward to a good night’s sleep. I awoke early, remembering right I needed to repair a flat tire that had occurred just as Bill had picked us up. Then I enjoyed a quick morning swim in the river before a wonderful breakfast that will keep us going for a few hours.

We departed for our day ride around 10:00 am, with Bill driving us out to the main highway that left us with 130 km to Moncton. Will let you know about our ride and our stay tomorrow.

Cheers Sid and team!!

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