Day 57, July 31: Riviere du Loup, QC to Edmunston, NB

This was not the special ride with the great scenery that we have become accustomed to… so not too many towns or photos to share.

We were disappointed from the the start of this day as the internet talked about a paved trail door to door which we thought this would be great and so we put a little more effort into finding it than we should have!

When found the trailhead we discovered that is wasn’t paved, it was loose peastone, but decided to try it, thinking it would become the paved trail we read about.   Then our bubble was burst when I spoke to another rider and he said it was not paved any of the way to Edmunston and gave us directions to get to 185 which was a four lane highway but should have a decent bike lane. We followed his directions and made our way onto the highway and very soon we recognized the sounds of transports coming from behind, edging their way to beside us.  This was not what we wanted after enjoying several days of little traffic and very few trucks.

Luckily the bike lane was ok, definitely wider than on the highways through Ontario.  But then the bike lanes came to an end when we were 40 km from Edmundston because of  highway construction.  This made for very stressful riding as the highway in many places narrowed down to two lanes with no bike lane.  We finally arrived in Edmundston, very relieved to be there and off of our bikes for the day!

Hugh was having trouble with his gears so our first visit was to The Source bike shop where Andre diagnosed his problem very quickly and put on a new chain, and at the same time he made some corrections to my derailer and tuned up my wheels.  Great store,  good tech… if ever in Edmunston and need bike help, this is the store!

The bonus of the evening was meeting up with the Dagneau’s at a local motel with a restaurant attached that they were staying at for the night.  If you recall, Bill was our support driver from Winnipeg back to Thornbury.  They are on there way to Janet’s brother’s cottage outside of Moncton and have extended an invitation for us to spend Sunday night at the cottage.  It didn’t take long for us to  say yes, we are looking forward to Sunday.

We  finished dinner  and drove back to the campsite in heavy rain, and now ready for a good night’s sleep.  Good night to all.

Cheer, Sid!

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