Day 56, July 30: St Jean Port Jolie to Riviere de Loup, QC

This will be our tenth day back on the road as we continue the final leg towards our destination of Newfoundland. We expect another enjoyable 100 km ride today, as without question it has been a real pleasure riding in the belle province. This province really makes it easy for cyclists with the multitude of paved trails  and the consideration from the drivers. Highway 38 and Verte 5 has provided us with a bike lane from Montreal through to Quebec City on the north side of the river, when we crossed to the south side we picked up route Verte 1 that has brought us today to Riviere de Loup.

Riding has been relaxing as we have not seen a large truck in 4 days and we have thoroughly enjoyed biking through all the small towns with the history attached and the scenery that has made this part of the trip so memorable.

July30Favouritespot- jon

Favourite spot, hoping Jon will paint!

Hugh and I were again in tourist mode today so we had time for photos and stops.  We have really gone upscale from A&W but won’t discount it because they were there when we needed them.  I had no idea how scenic it would be completing the ride from Quebec City to here, a lot of other cyclists have figured it out too, as there are many on the road  travelling in both directions.


Stop for Lunch

July30LunchI am not sure what tomorrow brings as we head towards Edmonston and back on the Trans Canada through New Brunswick. We are planning to meet our friends the Dagneaus for dinner in Edmonston, they were in Cobourg today, they make a little better time then we do!


Relaxing after the Ride

Just trying to decide what’s up for dinner tonight, I think it’s a cook in with maybe a little cribbage or backgammon to follow.  Catch up tomorrow.

Cheers Sid and team!!

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1 Response to Day 56, July 30: St Jean Port Jolie to Riviere de Loup, QC

  1. Cousin Sue says:

    You are definitely in one of my favourite parts of Canada! Seems like the roads in Ontario so far completely lose the best roads competition! Quebec sounds great! So good to hear the sun is out and wind at your back. Cheering here as always….cuz’ Sue

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