Day 55, July 29: Quebec City to St. Jean Port Joli, QC

Accu weather was spot on, we awoke to blue skies and sunshine with a nice wind out of the west, that lasted all day. Only a short distance from the site we found Route Verte 1 and started our ride to for St Jean Port Joli.

With the wind at our back and smooth pavement we were riding at 35 to 40 km+,  making very good time to cover our 100 km ride today. We got slowed down as I had a flat after passing over some broken glass…almost forgot that those things happen as the last time it occurred was in Northern Ontario.

The ride was very picturesque with small towns and great views of the mountains on the other side of the river.  I believe it was Mt. St. Anne that was in full view directly across from where we had a stop for food fuel.

This was a very relaxing day and we took full advantage of being tourists stopping at many points of interest…something that we have not been doing enough.  We only have one longer ride left on our schedule until we reach North Sydney so today’s ride should become more of the norm.

We arrived in Port Joli to a nice campsite on the river with great facilities and a good grocery store close by. We enjoyed a home cooked meal of salmon, rice and salad along with a nice bottle of California wine.

July29-citysignI am attaching a number of pics of some of stops along the way that included the Quebec Marine Museum – the three photos were of real interest:  the sailboat was the first boat to circumvent North America, the larger boat was the last steam powered ice breaker in Canada, and the third was an experimental hydrofoil that the government built in the 1970’s that didn’t quite make it.


July29- IcebreakerJuly29-HydrofoilAlso, an amazing church built in 1765, our lunch spot, a sculptor’s road side store and some views that we enjoyed from our bicycle seat.

July29-churchJuly29- lunch spotJuly29-souvenirsJuly29- viewGreat day!  We are off in the morning to a campsite near Riviere de Loup. Catch up tomorrow.

Cheers Sid and team!!


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