Day 54, July 28: Village of Champlain to Quebec City, QC

I awoke this morning at 6:30 to blue skies and sunshine, anticipating the short 90 km ride to one of my favourite cities from a historical standpoint, and now for our new pastime, eating. Unfortunately current weather can’t be trusted, and as per the forecast, our sunshine was replaced with incoming rain clouds.

July28QuebecCityWe headed off 9:30 am, passing through many small villages along Hwy 138, Verte 5, with an excellant bike lane.  The history in these places, incorporated in the mid-1600’s would be fascinating, and I’d love to just snoop around… but not on this trip!

July28ChurchesWe covered the first 50 km in good time although Mr. Wind was back in our face with some light rain. With the St. Lawrence in full view along with many farms we rode a narrow strip of land along the river, and much to our surprise we started to climb!  There were hills but took them in stride after what we have climbed over the past several weeks.

It started to rain harder as we were approaching the city….unfortunately I chose to be positive and not dress for rain, and soon became soaked. We stopped at a parkette and read a sign that encouraged us to take a dedicated trail along the water to the city.  As we set out for the last 25 km I realized my gear shifter was not working, giving me only my two most difficult on my large and smaller ring. I endured riding in my smaller ring until we came to the first hill, that reminded me of the bottom part of scenic caves.  I took a run at it, but that’s why they invented gear bikes!  I was soon off my bike, and made a call to Chris at Kamikaze.  “Sounds like a cable that is about to break, by adjusting one of your derailler screws you can probably get a slightly easier gear for a little while”  Thanks Chris!  We did that, it helped.  But as the day went on, hills became a grunt and I knew this was not going to work for long.   Hoping for some flat to finish up with!  We came to a community and I found enough words in French to get directions to a bike store.

Excellent, it was an English speaking bike technician, who was so knowledgeable and friendly, and was able to replace the cable and reset the limit screws so everything was working and shifting smoothly.  Meanwhile Hugh had struck up conversation with a friendly cyclist, Claude, who informed us the next stretch over the bridge was not bike friendly, especially in the rain.  We took his generous offer for a ride!  This made life easier as our campsite Etchemin was very close. I have Claude’s business card and look forward to following up with him on one of his trips to Toronto.  An interesting entrepreneur, he started to work in a foundry as a young person doing maintenance and is now the majority shareholder of a very large foundry supplying Ford with transmission parts, good things happen to good people, thanks Claude.

After warming up with help from the furnace, showering and getting started on this blog we piled into the car and went  back over the bridge to old Quebec.

July28FeudalFieldsI was hoping that the rain would stop, but it was a heavy downpour for the entire evening, oh well another soaking! We chose a restaurant called  Parmesan’s that made for an entertaining evening of wonderful Italian dishes along with a wandering accordian player.

July28Quebec1  July28Quebec2Checked the weather forecast when we got back to our home away from home and accu weather said a better day ahead, hope it is right.  It’s been a long but enjoyable day, so I am signing off and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Catch up tomorrow when we will be in St Jean Port Jolie.

Cheers Sid and team!!

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