Day 53, July 27: St Sulpice, Trois Riviere to Village of Champlain, QC

I was awakened this morning by a heavy downpour at 5:30 am and when I rolled over an hour later it was still raining hard.  We checked the weather report and decided to wait until 10:00 am when thunderstorms were to subside to just light rain. It was a good call!  We only biked through a little rain for a short period of time, it did circle back later, but luckily we were already at our site.

We rode highway 38, Verte 5 the whole way which was a great choice providing us a nice wide, smooth bike lane and no hills all the way to Trois Riviere, about 130 km.

The ride took us through beautiful scenery and many small villages. We stopped in Trois Riviere for lunch, enjoying a view over the St. Lawrence. Following lunch we rode back one street from the water and picked up the 38 again, and rode the bike lane to our campsite just on the other side of  the Village of Champlain.  We finished today with less then a 100 km ride to Quebec City.

Our stay tonight is a RV site with attached marina and restaurant, very elaborate compared to most places we’ve stayed. We had dinner at the restaurant and no complaints.  Quite lucky as we took a stab and hoped for the best, ordering our meal in french.

Although we rode over 130 km today, it was a very easy ride, it is amazing how much easier, and less stressful it is with our own bike lane and very little navigation required.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and visiting Quebec City tomorrow.

Cheers, Sid!!

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