Day 52, July 26: Rigaud to St. Sulpice, QC

We are on a roll, awoke to another nice of day blue skies and very little wind and headed out on the road at 9:00 am.  I spent the time between 7 and 8 getting through to Rogers and trying to figure out with a technician my problem that is creating difficulty in sending my messages. We’ll see if their suggestions work soon enough.

Our day started with an easy ride into the village of Rigaud  and then along some rural roads with little traffic except several groups of 15 to 20 riders out for their Saturday morning club ride.  About 25 km from the start we reached  the sign saying ferry to OKA… the 20 minute trip across to the North side of the Ottawa River was $2.00!  Good deal.

When we arrived at OKA the Saturday morning market was set up with some delightful home baking.  Couldn’t refuse a fresh chocolate croissant.  Also wanted the chocolate coated blue berries, but could only buy them by the box, and with our day ahead they would melt for sure.

To our surprise Route Verte 1 started right at the market , a paved bicycle path that took us through conservation areas, subdivisions and street corridors, it would be the perfect pathway from Wasaga Beach to Meaford, or a good start would be paving the existing Georgian Trail.  It was impressive seeing people of all ages walking, jogging, roller blading, and cycling.

We covered the next 40 km on this trail without incident, but then the saga begins.  At some point on the other side of St.Eustache we missed a couple of sign markers. The logical thing to do was to check my Garmin but it was busy recalculating a new route so we decided to check initially with a cyclist for directions.  That was not the best decision, and started off the next four hours of asking many people for directions, to only find a couple who could parle Anglais.  So a long story short, because of the language barrier and our enunciation we ended up in St. Sophia instead of St. Sulpice, which is a 60 km difference. As it was after 5:00 pm and we had already put in over 130 km we called Jon for a pick up and ride back to our site on the St. Lawrence.  Welcome back Jon!!!  It all worked itself out just fine, as we found a metro where we could shop for dinner and buy a couple of beers to enjoy as we waited for Jon to arrive.  It’s now 10:45 pm, which is way past my bedtime.  Off to Trois Riviere in the morning, taking a straight road, so we shouldn’t get lost.  Good bye for now!

Cheers, Sid.

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