July 21 and July 22: Orillia to Peterbourgh… Back on the Road Again!

Monday July 21
A jingle came to mind this morning in the voice of Willy Nelson… “Back on the Road Again” Funny though, it felt more like the the norm then getting up and going to the golf course.  Many people asked if we would find it difficult getting started again, in some ways yes, but it has become routine, offering a new daily adventure, and I look forward to continuing on our journey and somewhat anxious to finish what we started out to complete.

We arrived at GBC just before nine to meet up with our team and they were enjoying the Bert special on the deck. We departed from the Club at 9:30 am with blue skies and a beautiful day forecast ahead of us.

We had a relatively easy ride to Orillia, with 80% on back roads, which was a nice change from the Trans Canada Hwy. We stayed at a campsite at the south end of Orillia that was perfect. After a quick trip to the super market and the beer store for fresh supplies we returned to the site for a relaxing evening. Hugh prepared a great dinner of salmon and salad, which was true to form for our excellent meals on the road, and a great way to celebrate our first night back.

We were off to bed around 10:30 pm and slept like a log until 7:30 am, a little catch up after our exciting time at home.

Tuesday July 22
We departed for Peterborough shortly after 9:00 am on Highway 12 and after a short distance turned onto secondary roads that allowed us to zig zag our way to Lindsay.  We were very close to the Trent System and so side tracked to take in lock 38.  As a family, when Cindy and Kelly were very young, we boated through and stayed there when doing a trip from Barrie to near Peterborough. Hugh enjoyed seeing the locks, as it reminded him of the village that he grew home in Scotland. We ran into a road closure as leaving, a new dam was being built…no real hardship, only had to trace our steps back a few Km.  The day started to heat up and it meant more and more hydration, so we took several stops over the next few hours for water and cold drinks.  A delight was stopping at a small bakeshop in Argyle where we had some fresh baked honey buns and pastry, the staff were very friendly and I’ll have to remember if ever going through Argyle again.

We arrived in Lindsay around 1:30 pm and found a street cafe to enjoy lunch and a couple of jugs of ice water with lemon, so refreshing and amazing how good when you are thirsty.  The downtown has been nicely renovated, with the bricks either restored or painted classic colours. It made me think about the Gayety and what we could do to give the outside a new look!

As we departed town we looked for the paved trail to Peterborough, no luck.  The trail existed but all crushed stone that doesn’t work for road bikes.  After some back tracking we ended up on Highway 7, which wasn’t great for riding with no shoulder, but we’ll make the best of what comes, that’s life back on the road!

We arrived in Peterborough and headed to the East of town where we are staying at what seems to be a municipal park.  It’s a nice home for the night, near the famous locks.

Off to Arden in the morning.  I hope # 7 is a little kinder to us.  Time to get some sleep and prepare for tomorrow.

Cheers Sid!!

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