Day 49, July 23: Peterborough to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park, ON

We enjoyed our night at the Beavermead Municipal Park.  The downside was we had no internet, but we kept moving around until we discovered that taking a seat next to the admin building would let us online…

We departed for our 141 km ride at 9:15 am this morning and only after a couple of blocks we were on Hwy #7, our road for the day.  We were pleasantly surprised to enjoy a freshly paved road with shoulders on our first leg to Norwood… hm, who has been reading this blog, did someone know we were coming!!!  Well, no, because that changed over the next 100 km, back to small shoulders, but most of the traffic gave us space… especially when there where no shoulders.

Although it was a little cooler we  still found it necessary to take in a lot of  liquids to stay hydrated.  I think our social break is still hanging with us!

After the first 70 km we felt justified to stop at a fish & chip stand to indulge ourselves. We had two huge pieces of fish and more fries than I could eat… if you know me and my craving for fries, that’s quite something!

We rode another 38 km and stopped in Kaladar to rest and take on some fuel.  I can’t believe how good a banana popsicle still tastes, but a sign of my age was that I needed a loonie instead of a nickel to buy it.

We had planned to stay in Arden but when Tony called he was shocked – at $95 +tax it was the most expensive campground since we left Vancouver.  So we rode on to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and enjoyed a great home for the night at $45 all in.

We are 40km to Perth and will be traveling the back way into Ottawa via my old hometown, for a total ride of 95 km. Our plan is to go to our campsite at Manotick Station…last time I was there it was a train stop. We will clean up, put our bikes in the truck and make a trip to Parliament Hill for Hugh’s first visit…should be fun. We look forward to a nice dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants in the market.  Just planning ahead!

That’s it for today.  Hugh has just prepared a nice pasta with fresh shrimp and it’s ready, and this guy doesn’t want to wait, it smells so good!

Cheers Sid and Team

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1 Response to Day 49, July 23: Peterborough to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park, ON

  1. wendy says:

    Hope you had a great dinner in Ottawa! Nice restaurants for sure at the market.
    Love the stories! Ride safe!

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