Day 38, July 12: Blind River to Espanola to White Rock Falls, ON

It’s great to have John Whitney with us, not only to share our experience, but he has brought the good weather.  He actually thinks we photoshopped the earlier photos of rain, wind and cold weather.

We left this morning a little after 8:00 am with our destination of Espanola and White Rock Falls, a ride of 125 km.  As we turned off the Trans Canada Highway, we left our route since we left Vancouver and banked all the sunshine, rain, wind, climbs and views in our memory.

Again, we got off to a good start and covered the first 55 km in good time, always nice to get a good bite out of the overall mileage for the day before our first break.  It is definitely easier, especially for this guy, when I have a couple of bigger guys in front of me helping to pull.  We took turns, but Whitney made the major contribution to less resistance.

After our supported break we decided that our next stop would be in Espanola where we enjoyed one of my favourite lunches, mac and cheese, on the patio of one of the supermarkets. July12EspanolaBill called and let us know that they had set-up camp at Whitefish Bay, another 20+ km south towards the ferry dock at Southbay.  We also got word that we were in for a couple of hills… and on a full stomach of mac and cheese that news wasn’t welcomed.  To compound the situation it wasn’t a couple of hills, it was up and down from the time we left to the time we got to the campground.  Bill, you are an accountant and you seem to have trouble with numbers!

We arrived to the campsite, set-up in an open field, with a nice river that was inviting us for a swim.

July12SwimTimeFelt great so we decided to get out our ball gloves and play some catch, then a little chipping contest… need to get ready for our member guest tournament!

Rather then cooking tonight we walked over to the local restaurant, the Red Dog Grill, and had a reasonable dinner.  Back at the site now, enjoying the sun going down, and getting ready for a rematch of cribbage.

July12CampsiteLook forward to catching up tomorrow and getting very excited about getting home and seeing Kath, family and all of you friends that have been so supportive.  Thank you!

Good night…Cheers, Sid!!

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