Day 37, July 11: Sault St Marie to Iron Bridge to Blind River, ON

After a great sleep at the Watertower Inn, a good breakfast and 20 minutes in the hot tub, Hugh and I decided to extend our original destination of Iron Bridge to Blind River, giving us a total ride of 130 km. Our reasoning was that since John Whitney had joined, it is easier riding with three when you are drafting… but our real reason being that if we could stretch our distance today and tomorrow, missing our rest day all together, then we could be in South Baymouth by 2:00 pm to watch the world cup final game.

We left the Sault a little after 9:00 am under blue skies, sunshine and 17 degree temp, what a treat.  It was also one of the first days on our whole ride that we were not wearing either rain or cold weather gear, great to ride in shorts, a jersey and summer riding gloves… it is July after all!

We were able to set a fairly quick pace and put away 55 km in the first 90 minutes, despite the considerable climbs.  Then we hit a slowdown, this time it wasn’t weather, but rather road construction.  The top layer of pavement had been scraped for 20 km, with stop and go single lane traffic. The vibration had to have to been similar as to working a jack hammer. Finally hit normal pavement again for the remainder of the Northern Ontario roads.

Bill and Bill’s arrival was timely as we were ready for more water and our morning snack. After a 20 minute break we rode through to Thessalon, taking us another 40 km closer to Blind River. We found a little restaurant in Thessalon that served us up a great cheese omelette and home fries for lunch.

July11ThessalonWe were now ready for our final leg to Blind River, a nice little town that had the benefits of Cameco being located there.  We were happy to reach the campground around 3:30 pm and get some things done and then relax.

July12BlindRiverBetween Bill S and Hugh they prepared amazing fajitas for us to fill our faces, along with a nice red wine. Whit and I were on clean up (on John’s arrival I quickly recruited him to my clean up team). We played three games of 4 hand cribbage and although John and I lost on pegging out twice we will try to even that up in a few minutes.

We will be riding through to Espanola in the morning, another 130 km  to leave us a short 80 km ride to South Baymouth.  Soccer game here we come!  Catch up tomorrow.

Cheers Sid!!

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