Day 36, July 9 and Day 37, July 10: Wawa RV park to Agawa visitors center to Pancake Bay Provincial Park, 150 km……Sault today 85 km

Rain Go Away!  Awoke to showers and not a positive weather report for the day so we prepared ourselves like many previous days. We delayed our start for a half hour as the skies really opened up.  We missed the big splash, but started our morning in a drizzle.

It was a slow beginning to the day as the hills began right out of the starting gate, taking us a couple of hours to cover the first 34 km, that is when our home away from home arrived at roadside.

We enjoyed a hot tea and other snacks to fuel us as we headed out for our next leg, riding 90 km to the Agawa Tourist Center.  It was a challenging 90 km with lots of vertical and what seemed like very little downhill.

As we rode closer and became parallel to Lake Superior a surprise came as the temperature really dropped and it felt like a day in mid-November.  We enjoyed two or three long downhills, but with the lowered temperature, and bike speed it made me feel as if I was skiing at Blue on a windy day in January. We hung in, because as always, when you are anxious to get somewhere it always seems longer.  Eventually we saw the welcome sign to Agawa Visitors Center. What a neat place, with free hot chocolate and clothing labelled with Lake Superior. I bought a t-shirt, then remembered the cold that we’ve been biking through, so also bought a long sleeve sweater.  After redressing with our new wears, we were off to Pancake, for another 60 km. Once we did a couple more climbs my body heat and the new purchases had me comfortable to take on our distance challenge.

Very shortly along came Montreal River and the climb everybody haa been warning us about. It was a long grind in our best climbing gear but we made it.  I won’t say it was easy, but what a treat on our way down – had a nice 3 km downhill which ended up right beside a chip wagon.  We enjoyed fries, a jumbo hot dog and a can of caffeine.

Day36MontrealRiverHarbourWe now had it down to 60 km and some warmth returned to the air and a bit of blue sky. We were fueled and set our goal on a faster pace to the campground, unfortunately the scenery was so amazing we had to stop for photo ops.

Day35July9sceneryBeing past 5 pm, the road became less travelled with cars and trucks and our new sense of owning the road kicked in and we started to ride at a faster pace.

Day36sceneryWe rode into the campground at 8 pm. I would call today our endurance day and realize this is what the months of training were for…11 hours on the road …150 km and 3966 vertical feet.

Bill welcomed us to the site with a nice fire to unwind and an excellent pasta dinner.  No problem getting to bed early!  Enjoyed a very solid sleep, awaking about 6:30 am and wandered down to the beach to enjoy a morning at the bay without a ripple, what a change from the night that the Edmond Fitzgerald went down.

Day36SunriseonSuperiorI am going to carry on and give you the round up on July 10th too, as it was our shortest ride to date.  A highlight of the day, John Whitney flew into the Sault and met us this morning at our site to join us for the remainder of our ride home…welcome John!

Day37WelcomeJonAnd we are lucky to have Bill Dagneau back!  After a few days of meetings, Bill missed life on the road to the point that he came back to join us…welcome back Bill.

Day37HalfWayonHWYA great ride to the Sault – one more rider that makes moving air easier and we had SUNSHINE and blue skies.

Day37SaultWe are staying at the #1 hotel in the Sault: The Water Tower Inn.  Thanks to the owner and Gord Williams.  Very shortly I am going down to the spa to enjoy a soak in the hot tub before going to a recommended Italian restaurant for dinner.  And I am excited for a good night’s rest in a real bed.

Cheers, Sid!!

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