Day 35, July 8: White Lake to Wawa RV Resort, ON

Woke up to overcast skies and the new mean temperature for July of plus 10 degrees- just as a matter of interest, I have only rode 4 days since leaving Vancouver on June 4th in a short sleeve jersey. As a friend commented – our photos make it seem like we are preparing for late fall rides back home, he’s right! One of the benefits of having the proper attire is we stay warm and dry, but not very dynamic.

Though we had 122 km to cover today, we got off to a late start as Hugh was making some changes to his bike and I wasn’t in a rush.  We headed out, and took a stop after 30 km in White River to visit the landmark where Winnie the Pooh as a cub was rescued and sent off to jail – a London Zoo for the next 20 years.  An A&W also happened to be on the block, so dropped in for a quick refuelling.  Hope these A&W cravings don’t have any residual, after ride, addictions.

Day35FunwithPoohOn our way to Wawa we again faced terrible roads with the exception of a 15 km stretch that had been repaved with a nice cycling lane. With loose gravel on our right and fast traffic on our left, keeping to our 18 inch lane (except when climbing the hills) really needed total focus. We had a number of hills to climb but also had the other side of them which gave us some nice speed to rack up km’s quickly, which is always a welcome when you glance at your computer screen.

We made a stop with 40 km remaining to Wawa, no A&W, but a nice little general store that had an interesting owner. He told us it was the best pickeral fishing season that he can remember.  He was in his late 60’s so I can’t vouch for his recollection.  He told us he and a friend caught 20+ pickeral in an hour on Fungus Bay, just across the road.  Name wasn’t appetizing for a fish dinner.  We took on some hydration and junk food, which we justify because of the high glycymic count, and headed out for our final 40 km.

Good ride to campsite, a very nice spot which was almost sold out.  Decided to drive 2 km to visit the town of Wawa.  Population to our surprise is 3,000, with just about everybody in the area working at the local gold mines owned by Barrick, not sure who owns Eagle River.  The good news for the town is that another mine will be going into production shortly, which means more jobs to replace the pulp mill that closed and the dying business of tourism in this area.

Enjoyed a pizza dinner that should prep us for Montreal Hill – the climb tomorrow that every local has been warning us about for the past few days. I am sure it will be a good test.

Ok, it’s 9:40 pm, time for a quick game of cribbage and some shut eye to reset for our 130 km ride tomorrow.

Cheers, Sid!!

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3 Responses to Day 35, July 8: White Lake to Wawa RV Resort, ON

  1. Cousin Sue says:

    I seemed to have missed you for last few days and I was surprised to read so many entries here. You bring to mind my trip home on the motorcycle last summer from Kelowna and the sights are great to hear your comments about and see them again. You’re getting closer to Espanola and I’m still wondering if you plan on taking the ferry or straight to Sudbury and further east that way.Stopped today in Collingwood but missed your ol’ hockey bud, cuz’ Butch. Take care!
    I rely on your reports as my daily energizer bunny!!!
    Cuz’ Sue in Meaford

  2. r galway says:

    Take time to visit the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum in the Soo. ?…on the waterfront. A grest resource dedicated to preserving an important part of our aviation history.
    Mike Delfre is the Director and known to me.
    Robert Galwaydr

  3. Lisa says:

    Last year I followed the blog of a friend ( and one of her fellow riders ( on the Tour De Canada. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading about your ride and how it is being supported.
    Your comments about the terrible roads in Ontario interest me as I have recently started advocating for better cycling facilities where I live in Brampton.
    Have you read Ontario’s CycleON strategy ( They state their aspirational goal for 2033 is for “Ontario to be the best province for cycling”. Obviously they have a long way to go just to catch up, let alone surpass the other provinces.
    Hoping for tailwinds for your journey.

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