Day 34, July 7: Terrace Bay Esso to White Lake, ON

Congrats Kathie on winning the Seniors Club Championship and shooting your career round of 73, very happy for you!

Start of a new week, bringing better weather.  It was cold at only 10 degrees but that helped lift most of the fog.  We made the decision to ride 135 km today to White Lake Provincial Park which had all the amenities with the exception of internet. Our main way of communicating with Bill in the support van is by cell phone, today Bell had no service in the area so I loaned him my phone which is with Rogers, so my photos are limited.

Our ride was mostly on single lane highway with very narrow or non-existing bike lanes.  So our goal of the day was to stay very alert and try to be relaxed…not easy.  I would love to invite our Premier or the Minister of Highways to join us for part of the ride.  I had ranked Manitoba as having the worst roads and bike lanes but now Ontario takes the lead…we will reassess once we reach the Quebec border.

Hugh and I were both riding well and handled the many hills that came at us without a lot of problems.  We have a secret hill weapon that we installed on the bikes – a rear cassette, that makes spinning up the inclines relatively easy compared to the normal set up. We had a favouring wind and were able to average in the mid 20’s for the ride.

Day25GreatViewsWe arrived in Marathon, excited to see an old ride favourite- A&W.  We met Bill there and enjoyed a hearty lunch. My king size root beer was probably over 400 calories and with the balance of lunch, including dessert, I am sure I replenished 1500 of the 2600 calories that had evaperated over the past 90 km.

Day25A&WWhen we set out for the final leg, approx 50 km we were feeling good, and had a strong ride to White Lake where Bill had a nice site very close to the ‘comfort station’…. as they call it in the parks.

The boys suggested a good night to do laundry, looking at me, and I took the message with a smile.

Dinner time!  We fired up the barbeque and cooked 8 chicken breast (just 3 of us ) and a fresh bag salad.  Only 2 left uneaten, but  nothing stays left over for long – they’ll be gone before noon tomorrow!

The boys put on a movie and I crawled into bed with the idea of watching but quickly dozed off  to a good night sleep.  Catch up tomorrow.

Cheers, Sid!!

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