Day 32, July 5: Wolf River to Rossport Provincial Park, ON

Woke up to light rain and a million hungry mosquitoes. Being wise enough to know not to start our day on loose gravel roads, we got a shuttle ride from Bill out to the highway.

We started riding at 8:45 am, and luckily there just isn’t a lot of morning traffic here as we had to stay very focused as it was hard to keep to our very little bike shoulder for the majority of the ride.  Day32Views Half way into the ride I hit a small stone and guess what? Number nine flat, but with all the practice it was fixed quickly and we were on our way.

The scenery was outstanding as we rode very close to Lake Superior for a great part of day. We didn’t have a chance to think about the hills we were riding, as there was lots of interesting landscape to keep our attention away from the 850 metres we climbed…nothing too strenuous but the most since we left BC.

Day23LakeSuperiorWe arrived to Rossport Provincial Park after 111 km, and settled into a great site right on the edge of the water….beautiful! We decided to head into the village of Rossport for dinner, which was a great choice, as I enjoyed an incredibly delicious red fin lake trout at Serendipity… bon!

No on to win a couple of games of crib! Tomorrow we head off to Penn Lake, which is just east of Marathon. Catch up tomorrow.

Cheers Sid!!

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