Day 31, July 4: Kakabeka Falls to Thunder Bay to Wolf Creek, ON

Offically our 30th day after departure from Vancouver!  And a great 109 km it was!

Everyone slept in this morning, maybe something to do with losing another hour of sleep.  We left for Thunder Bay at 9:30 am, starting in a chillier 6 degrees, but temperatures rose quickly, and we enjoyed a 15 degree, very pleasant riding day.

We made good time into the outskirts of Thunder Bay where we took a ring road around the city.

Day31ThunderBayWe soon came to the Terry Fox memorial, a beautiful park and monument in honour of such an important Canadian Hero, sitting on an Escarpment overlooking Lake Superior. It was very moving when we visited the site and reflected back on what Terry had accomplished towards his dream. How quickly time passes us by, it was 1981, and I remember it so vividly.  What an inspiration.


Day31TerryFoxMemorialWe had another 70 km to go for the day, and took the wisdom from the locals and left the highway for Lakeshore Road, which took us very close to the Lake, with sweeping, welcoming views.


Day31SleepingGiantLakeshore Road took us along a great stretch of our ride, but we needed to head back onto the Trans Canada Highway for the last 20 km to Wolf Creek.  After arriving and a quick clean up we drove back 30 km to a friend of Hugh’s sister-in-law. We were invited to the Tugwells for dinner, and enjoyed a wonderful evening and dinner at their lovely cottage on Loon Lake West.  When Paul Sr. first came here to visit his grandparents he arrived by whistle stop train before the highway was built.  Being the oldest cottage of several, it was built by his great grandfather in 1912.  Really enjoyed the learning of the area history.

Dinner with the Tugwells

Very nice evening.  We are heading to Schreiber in the morning, riding 125 km and climbing lots of hills.

Cheers Sid!!

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