Day 33, July 6: Rainbow Provincial Park to Terrace Bay Esso, ON

I woke up early this morning for a bathroom call and almost got lost trying to find the john….very heavy fog. We debated whether to wait for the fog to lift, but decided after a call to Kathie for a weather update that we would set out for our 110 km ride Penn lake… we didn’t quite make it that far.

We decided to ride shorter intervals with check in points to reassess the conditions throughout the day. We reached Schreiber, still in heavy fog, and rain, but decided to continue on to Terrace Bay, another 20 km. By the time we reached there the temp dropped and the fog became too thick so we decided to take a break at Drifters Motel and gas bar. As 600 calories had already been burned for the day, I enjoyed a hot chocolate and a couple of homemade rhubarb muffins to refuel…. great gas bar!

Day24FogWe thought it was time to head back out, but after only three or four hundred yards we made a wise decision to stop and turn back. We called Bill to let him know where we were. The fog has continued to get worse, when Bill pulled into the parking lot of the gas bar, he couldn’t see Hugh’s strobe light only 50 yards away.

So here we are sitting in the parking lot with our furnace set to a toasty 70 degrees and enjoying a game of crib.  We are going to stay for the night, and call the Esso station home tonight!


Terrace Bay Esso Campsite! Taken in the morning once the fog lifted.

Good luck to everyone who is playing in the Senior Club Championships and especially you Kath!

Cheers, Sid

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