Day 30, July 3: Upsala (Savanne River) to Kakabeka Falls, ON

Awoke early this am at 5:30 am, or 6:30 am… very confusing part of this part of the country is figuring out what time zone you are living in. At random people in the area pick what they want, many go with Thunder Bay time as it is just 60 km from Upsala, though the true boundary line for Eastern time is 25 km from the village. It would have been great as a teenager for an excuse when you were late in getting home. So we have lost another hour but the good news is we are now on the same place on the clock face.

I loved the stillness of the site early this morning, the photos give you a glimpse. This small resort and campsite is the base for fishing trips along the 38 km river leading to a reservation where a lot of the tribal celebrations take place. This is a big attraction for many Americans who come here to fish for walleye, not pickeral as I and many others would call the fish. I am not sure what happens here in the winter but it is a thriving area during the summer months.


Day30SavanneSiteWe started our ride, 91 km, to Kakabeka a little after 8:00 am, enjoying this perfect day with a helping wind. Well, almost perfect day. Here is a photo of the road which takes a little bit of the ‘perfect’ away as the bike lane varies from two feet to zero, taking lots of concentration and no room for error with trucks and other vehicles very close. I have gained a lot of respect for the truck drivers, who have been very courteous and always giving us space when they can, the exception being when traffic is coming towards them. It would be nice if Ontario would provide the same safety to the trucks and cyclists as the other provinces that we have visited.

NeedBikeLaneIt was a quick ride to Kakabeka Falls and onto our HappyLand campground.


Day30KakabekaThe falls are spectacular as you can see from the pictures. Jon I thought about you here, it would be great scenery for inspiration.

Kakabeka Falls

Day30RiverbelowfallsAfter settling into the site we prepared for the trip to Thunder Bay by car. Our first stop was at Petries bicycle shop to pick up Hugh’s bike and to drop off mine for a tune and a new front tire. It has done well, taking me over 4000 km, when I count in training rides and our 3000 km to date. While we waited I found a barber shop, $18 later, I have a great haircut, and will be much cooler now.

Arrived back to the sight around 6:00 pm and enjoyed a relaxing dinner of hamburgers and extras. Off to bed to rest for the 120 km+ ride planned for tomorrow.

Good night, Sid.

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3 Responses to Day 30, July 3: Upsala (Savanne River) to Kakabeka Falls, ON

  1. Beverly McMaster says:

    Hi Sid,
    Congratulations , as I said to you in person your C2C is incredible and your blog is the sofa version and we are loving it. The photos are so beautiful and the art that Jon has done is amazing. What an unforgettable experience. You’re an inspiration for sure and because of you guys we’ve been getting more exercise than normal(getting off our butts). Thanks for going the distance in support of our hospitals. Best of luck and may the perfect weather be with you.
    Will be following you and sending good vibes all the way. Bev & Gary

  2. wendy says:

    Sid, I want to let you know that I gave Katthy 2 big hugs, well actually 3. One was hello and congrats. The other two were for her best score ever and her two awards. Quite something. It was great to witness her wins. I said I was hugging her for you:). Wind…you just wonder, it follows you everywhere. The ride you are doing now, I remember I drove it my Dodge Omni 024 when I moved to Toronto. There as poor radio service, etc. so I wore a Sony Walkman all the way and got stopped twice by the police. How times have changed. Good luck on the continued adventure!

  3. Savanne River/Stn was the site of the first fatal aircraft crash of an aircraft of the newly formed Ontario Provincial Air Service of the Dept. of L&F. (1924)

    Of the 4 on board G-CAOC, a Curtiss HS2L, only the pilot Ed Burton survived. (August 1924)

    R Galway

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