Day 29, July 2: Ignace to Upsala to Savanne River, ON

Great sleep!  It cooled down to plus 6 or 7 degrees during the night but luckily our furnace in the trailer came on and kept everything cozy. I awoke at 6:30 am to bright blue skies and I gave myself a pinch just to make sure I was awake. Wandered over to the facilities and woke up to a nice hot shower, ranked number 2 best shower to date. The simple luxuries that offer a great start to the day!

Day29MooseonLooseWhen we started our ride to Savanne the temperature was a pleasant 10 degrees, with blue skies and a nice wind from the west.  Another perfect day all the way, five hours and 125 km to Savanne.  This place has a number of cabins and fishing boats, and I would guess is  reserve property.
Soon after we arrived, Bill Stensson prepared for his departure for the Thunder Bay Airport. We also had a to do list for Bill, including taking Hugh’s bike for a tune up.  Hugh has been preparing his second bike to ride tomorrow while pride and joy spends the night in the bike hospital.

Day29UpsalaOur plan is to ride to Kakabeka campsite directly tomorrow approximately 125 km, then drive to Thunder Bay to pick up Hugh’s bike and whatever else is needed.

Day29CampsiteWe noticed one restaurant about 15 km from here advertising great fish and chips so we have decided to stop for dinner…maybe some pickeral as that seems to be very popular in this area. We were not disappointed.  Great little place with a lovely husband and wife owner that are only open for five months out of the year. We arrived home at 9.30 pm and tucked in for a good night’s rest.

Cheers, Sid!!

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