Day 27, June 30: Kenora to Dryden, ON

Woke in the middle of the night to very wild, very high winds and hard rain… felt for Bill who was in the tent, concerned that he was going to blow away.  In the morning discovered the campsite bathrooms locked with a sign:  no hydro due to storm.  Decided to leave for Dryden at 8:15 am.  Made a good decision to put the bikes in the SUV and get a ride out to the main highway instead of working through 6 km of ups and downs on a rough road.  Bill dropped us at the Trans Canada, and so began the day.

Although it was raining the wind shifted for a nice wind assist for most of the day. The day was a very enjoyable 138 km ride with lakes on both sides most of the way to our destination.

Day24LifeatCampThe Bill’s had arrived earlier and had the set up complete, but the problem was no water, and no internet.  Problem solved when after a quick snack and change of clothes we drove 20 km back to Dryden. We found a Holiday Inn and now find ourselves sitting in their dining room using their wifi, thanks Samantha!

Although I used the single plug in the men’s bathroom last night to charge my phone, it wasn’t a place to wait for more than a short charge, so not lots of battery today, and as a result pictures are limited.

The Bills have gone  to Walmart to pick up the items on our shopping list and an integrated hat and bug screen, which I can hardly wait to wear….these little guys are very eager to get to know you.

We are on our way to Ignace in the morning, which is about 100 km.  At the end of the day we will have closed the gap to Thunder Bay to approx 250 km and two riding days.

Cheers Sid!!

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