Day 26, June 29: Falcon Lake, MB to Kenora, ON

We woke to blue skies, 23 degrees and a wind that was trying to get around to the West, wanted to be our friend!

We got through the routines and off to a nice start just before 8:30 am. Only 15 km out I looked for Hugh in my rear view mirror and he was nowhere in  sight.  I called and he had blown the side wall out of his tire.  He did not have an extra but we were able to call Bill who delivered a new tube and tire… the benefit of cell phones!

Only a couple of km’s down the road we were greeted with “you are now entering Ontario”!  Stopped for the mandatory proof photo of a new province…this one being special to us.

Day26OntarioOnly about 45 km across the border into Kenora.  We enjoyed a Goldilocks ride, not too hot, not too windy, just right.  What a beautifully situated town on Lake of the Woods. The town has a population of 16,000, but like Collingwood or Huntsville swells to many more during the summer months.

Muskie of Kenora

Muskie of Kenora

The Bill’s drove through to our Campsite about 25 km East of town to Rushing River Provincial Park.  A stunning place with sites all along the water.  When we arrived it was bright and sunny and the Bill’s were driving back to town to get supplies (bug Nets) and to dinner.

Tomorrow we work our way towards Dryden, 145 km, probably with bug nets over our helmets.

Cheers Sid!!

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1 Response to Day 26, June 29: Falcon Lake, MB to Kenora, ON

  1. Cousin Sue says:

    Yay!! Ontario! I know how good it can feel to hit the home province. Wondering which way to Thunder Bay did anyone suggest? By chance are you taking the ferry at Espanola so you come through the ol’ hometown? Probably stay enroute to Sudbury and east from there. I await with anticipation. So proud of you guys…and I’m just your cuz’ !!!

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