Day 25, June 28: Falcon Lake, MB

Day off!

A very enjoyable day off, though did very little other than relax.

Found a great bakery for breakfast.  The football (soccer world cup) was about to start and it seems like I’d found the hot spot in town to watch, as the bakery filled up quickly with people keen to cheer on a good game. We watched the game with a couple from Columbia, and realized they really do take their football seriously.

Day24BakeryA nice surprise when Bill Stensson’s daughter, Anna, arrived with her friend Ty on a stop during a three month journey to Whitehorse and back down the coast to Vancouver.  They are travelling in style, after finding a 1990 GM conversion that was in mint condition, really cool and quite nostalgic.  We enjoyed dinner and the evening with them.

Day25DinnerFalconLakeHugh as executive chef, and with many helpers in the kitchen, prepared a great pasta dish with hot Italian sausage, including his secret recipe sauce and a ceasar salad with his homemade dressing.

We relaxed around a campfire, until we remembered that we were back riding in the morning, so called it to bed just after 10:00 pm.

Heading off to Kenora in the morning and will be making a decision on which route to take to Thunder bay.  We are open to suggestions – so please, let us know what you think?

From what we have been told it will be the most difficult part of our ride because of the narrow bike lanes and having to share the road.  We are looking forward to the views, which will take us by many lakes.

Cheers, Sid!

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