Day 24, June 27: Winnipeg to Falcon Lake, MB

It was nice stopping through the city of Winnipeg, though cycling through is no fun! Cities make for difficult riding with everyone in a rush to get where they are going. You really have to be very focused and aware of cars leaving the highway and coming on as they seem to be most intent on there destination. But we made it through!

We left our site close to 8:30 am, decked out in our rain gear, and ready for the wind… once again!  It is considerably warmer, so the rain gear provided a sauna affect, even though I have a great jacket the breathable fabrics seemed to just breath in more hot air. After a couple of hours the Bills came along and we took a welcomed break.  I traded in the rain gear for a short sleeve jersey-  deciding that I would rather be cool and to take my chances on the rain.

Our day became more difficult when we came across rode construction for 35 km, giving us either a very narrow bike lane or nothing to ride on.  Hugh and I decided to take a good share of the inside lane so vehicles would have to give us some space, which worked very well though quite nerve racking, and slow.  We finally arrived into Falcon Lake after riding 135 km, for close to 8 hours, so you can imagine how my derriere felt.

Day24WhiteshellParkFalcon Lake was a welcomed sight.  It is a beautiful setting, in a provincial park about 60 km from Kenora. Our new team players Bill and Bill were amazing and welcomed our arrival with everything set up, the shopping done and a handover of a post-ride drink of chocolate milk, followed closely by a Creemore Lager reward.

We found a local bakery and I thought for a moment I was back in my old favourite bakery in Bala. For some reason I decided I needed to take a swim… I can assure you I was not in long, but the lake sure revived me from the long day.

Day24ManitobaLakesWe had a nice dinner  of grilled chicken, salad, corn on the cob and butter tarts from the bakery, paired with a couple bottles of a nice red that Bill had selected… not bad for a night at the trailer park.

Thanks everyone for your continued encouragement, keep your pom poms out…. Thank you!

Cheers, Sid!!

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4 Responses to Day 24, June 27: Winnipeg to Falcon Lake, MB

  1. Carl & Penny Young says:

    Sid and Hugh
    We did a catch-up on both of your blogs. Not only is the ride impressive but you both will be able to add journalism to your resumes. Your insights and descriptions are great. Keep your feet on the pedals!
    Carl and Penny

    • Nice to hear from you…a couple more days and we will be in thunder bay…hope to be back in town for a break on the 15th…an amazing country…Happy Canada day….Cheers Sid an Team

  2. Mary Joan Graham says:

    Hello Sid,
    Just a note to say hello and hope everything is fine. You sure are ambitious to be on that long, long journey. I am sure you must be tired at sundown. Say hello to your friend Hugh and wish him well. It sounds like you came across a good bakery like Frisbees in Kemptville.
    I hope that you find a good safe route for the next leg of your journey.
    Be safe.

    • Hi Mom and Joan…sorry I missed you joan but I called earlier to wish both of you a HAPPY CANADA DAY….we are in Ignice about 250 k from Thunder Bay…had a nice ride today…a quick 90 k as the wind was at our back….cold here..will make for a good sleep tonight.Nice hearing from you…Love Sid!!

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