Day 23, June 26: Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg, MB

Today was a planned day off, but looking ahead to our next site, and the great golf that will be surrounding us we decided to push through, and take our day when we can have some fun on the golf course at Falcon lake, which is considered one of the premier courses in Manitoba.

Although our ride was to be a short 75 km into Winnipeg, it became 100 km and seemed like much more.  Our ever re-occurring wind was back in our face, resulting in a grind of less than 20 km/ hr.  Quick math and you know how long we rode today …definitely not a day off, nor a short ride!   Day23WinnipegWhen we arrived in Winnipeg Bill had everything set up and organized, good teacher makes a good student!  Thanks Jon and Bill!

Day23- hellogoodbyeBeing in the big city we decided to clean up and head into town.  We went looking for a bicycle shop to find extra tires, more tubes and CO2 cartridges.  Must be a busy biking time in Winnipeg, as the first two stores were sold out!  They need the inventory of Collingwood and planning like Kamakaze and Squires.  We eventually found what we needed, but the process took a couple of hours.  With Bill as our navigator we moved about Winnipeg, though a very tricky city to get around with three rivers and a number of bridges. We found an Earls for dinner, which was a hot spot with great food. After dinner we made a very anticipated run to Costco where we stocked up for the next few days, we would have bought more, but not lots of storage space.

Looking forward to our ride to Falcon lake in the morning.  It will be around 100 km, and land us not only in great golfing country, but as a matter of interest Falcon Lake was created by a meteorite and is the deepest lake in North America. Won’t attempt swimming though because the ice just went out in the last few days.

Look forward to catching up tomorrow night.  Cross your fingers that some good weather comes our way.

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!

Cheers Sid!!

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