Day 21, June 24: Virden to Brandon, MB

We lost an hour yesterday because of the time change, but the good news, it meant we hit our pillows an hour earlier. Great sleep, it was a cool night and we had put in a big day… my body took in a good 9 hours of deep sleep with no problem!

We awoke to the same grey skies, with no forecast of rain, but unfortunately we can’t get a wind warning.  Not that we could have prepared, but we had a riding partner from start to finish today, strong wind, right in our faces.  Our idea of completing the 90 km at a fast pace was not in our cards, and the wind slowed us considerably, dragging out our ride for 4 and half hours, and making 90 km seem like 150 km.

The camp site was located beyond Brandon, adding to our ride today, but it was a worthwhile inconvenience, putting us closer to Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg, our next major milestone.

Day21BrandonCampground owners were amazing, Jon checked in and explained what we were doing, and we got our spot comped for the night, and even loonies for laundry.  Top of the line bathroom and shower facilities, we recommend all around – so if you ever find yourself travelling through Brandon, stay at Bry-Mar RV park!

This is a special day for my grandaughter Zoe who graduates from grade 8.  Congratulations Zoe!  I am really enjoying the pictures that your Mom sent. Have fun and I am sorry that Papa is not there to celebrate with you.

Day21ZoeGraduateAlso good news from daughter Kelly today.  My grandson Jack is playing in the Little League playoffs in Vancouver hoping to move on to the Provincials.  Going into the 4th inning, team is behind in scoring and Jack hits a triple to win the game….way to go Jack.

Hmmm, I can smell the pasta and Italian sausage being prepared for dinner tonight and am very excited for another fine meal with Hugh and Jon.  We are enjoying our last days with Jon, who is flying out of Winnipeg to attend a good friends wedding.  He has been fantastic!  Not only did he deliver our vehicle and trailer to Vancouver he has been relentless in making life easy for us since departure on June 4th.  Jon has been painting his way across Canada, showcasing landmarks and scenery from our journey with his unbelievable personal touch.  Here is a “teaser” showcase of one of my favourites.



Good friends Bill Dagneau and Bill Stenssen are flying into Winnipeg.  Jon will brief them on the trailer set up and give them directions back to Portage, where we will be staying tomorrow night.

Thanks Jon for everything and Bill and Bill for generously offering to step into his role…

Will catch up tomorrow,

Cheers Sid…Hugh..and Jon!!

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