Day 20, June 23: Whitewood, SK to Virden, MB

Got underway at 9 am, had another good start to our destination, covering the first 50 km in less then two hours.  I really missed the trail wind when our good fortune changed and the wind shifted into our faces.  But from what we rode through in Alberta, no comparison, so we dug deep and sucked it up.

We soon saw a sign saying Moosomin 2 km – and an A&W!  Haven’t enjoyed our old BC snack stop for awhile, and took the time to take in two large root beers, a grilled chicken, and a chance to watch a Shriners Parade!

Guess what happens next?  Hugh tried to catch up in the flat tire race.  Now 7 for me (including a new tire) vs 5 for Hugh.  We are taking bets?  Anybody want to make a wager on the winner for the whole journey?  We’ll offer the winner a lesson from two experienced guys on how to make a change at almost Indy speed!

Day20FlatTireUp and riding again and moving along, until Mr. Rain pays us another visit.  As good fortune would have it, we were just crossing into MB and there was a tourist office where we could drop in, check out the forecast, and change into our rain gear.
Day19- manitobabear
We are now in Manitoba and we have lost an hour, that’s not fair!   A sign noting that Virden is 32 km, so going onto the home stretch we gave a little more effort to reach the grounds at good speed and end the day.
Day19-arrived MBNice park for the night.  I think many local oil workers use this as base camp, as there are a lot of trucks with lettering that indicate oil services.

Day20OilworkersHugh comes back with a favourable report on the showers, so my turn to clean up from a day overdue.   Jon has just prepared chicken and a pork currie… have I said how lucky we are to have Jon on our journey!

Good night, I’ll be back in touch from Brandon.

Cheers, Sid….Hugh…Jon

Leaving the rain behind in the Prairies, hello Manitoba!

Hear there are lots of lakes in Manitoba, traded a bike in for a boat!

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