Day 19, June 22: Regina to Whitewood, SK

This is a special day!  I am not with a very special person to celebrate, but Happy Anniversary Kathie in absentia. I really appreciate the opportunity you have given me to spend this time selfishly biking across this amazing country. I have left you with not only the work that constantly needs to be done around the property, but also the added responsibility of what goes with being a landlord.  Thanks for taking on these responsibilities in addition to your own planning work and playtime. Love you!!

And back to the road!  Regina to Whitewood…….168 km!

We had a big day today, even after starting a little later than normal from the Home Suites in Regina.  Thanks Gord for setting this up, it was a great place to stay with great staff and a ready made breakfast.  The simplest of things have become such a treat!

Day19-leavingreginaWe were camping very close to the Trans Canada Highway so it was easy to get started- though those exit and entrance ramps were still in our way, and caused a bit of confusion as we cleared the city outskirts.

The wind god was with us, pushing us from behind, which when added to our good night sleep, gave us great energy, covering the first 60 km in less than two hours. The next 25 km were just the same, as we rode quickly along, lucky us!

Day19- industryGlad we covered good ground during the early part of the day, at 90 km the temperatures dropped and we could feel the blustery winds bring in a change of weather as the skies opened up.  We stopped at the first truck stop, freezing and really wet!  We took almost an hour break, to warm up and fill up on good food, including ice cream (I know it won’t warm us, but it sure is good!) Chapmans ice Cream is huge in Wolsley Sask.  It’s made in Markdale and shipped West for distribution throughout the province.

Day17chapmansWe made an executive decision and asked Jon to come back from the RV park where he had already arrived . We changed into our rain gear and prepared to meet the large clouds looming ahead.  We must have scared the clouds away, we were both moving quickly, in different directions, so we ended up dodging most of the rain, and welcomed back the wind at our backs.

When we reach Chaplin, our planned campground, I looked at Hugh and said “what do you think, it’s now finally warm, we’ve missed the storm clouds… shall we keep going?”  No regrets.  We arrived in Whitewood feeling great for our accomplishment: 168 km covered on our journey today.

Day19WhitewoodSun always seems to come out on arrival.  So I sat back, enjoyed a chocolate milk, some nuts, a toasted bagel and a couple of Creemore Lagers – great snack to begin what felt like a new day.  My utopia ended abruptly when Hugh came back from the post ride shower to report no hot water.  I tried a little later with the same result, so a splash on my face and some clean hands and that was it.

Great fajitas for dinner and early to bed, cheers to a great day!


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1 Response to Day 19, June 22: Regina to Whitewood, SK

  1. Ernie Philp says:

    You guys are impressive – meeting whatever comes along with good humour (I think) and increased resolve.
    Chapman’s IS the best. Enjoy some more and happy riding.

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