Day 18, June 21: Moose Jaw to Regina, SK

I woke up early to fulfill my responsibilities which I left last night.. Jon and Hugh cook the food, I clean the dishes.  With the dinners I’ve been enjoying, I am more than happy with the deal!

Became a big cleaning morning, as we added some extended time cleaning our bikes. Lots of caked mud and grit that needed to get off the bikes and moving parts to be ready for a day of smooth riding.

Day18 feeling goodWe left for Regina at 9:30 am which was fine, as today was a planned 80km ride. Started under blue skies, which changed to clouds, but luckily it ended there – no rain and no wind, so a good day.

Day18 potashstockpile

Potash Stockpile

I moved ahead of Hugh in the flat tire tally- now Sid 4 vs. Hugh 3, but not a game I want to win!  We were on the road again quite quickly thanks to the CO2 cartridges, one press on the activator and you have a tire with 100 psi.

With a pace of between 25 and 30 km we were having quite an enjoyable ride until we started to hit expansion joints in the bike lane that kept coming every 50 yards.  It was like riding over sleeping policemen….ouch…ouch..posting works better on a horse.

Day18HughandfieldsMade our way into Regina, as we weaved carefully through a lot of exits and ramps that lead to various parts of town. Thanks again to Gord Williams, we rode into our new home for the evening, Home Suites, to enjoy a night in a full size bed and a long bathtub.

It’s 7:30 pm here and time to enjoy dinner.  Catch up tomorrow if we have internet as we are heading into rural Saskatchewan.

Cheers Sid!!

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