Day 17, June 20: Swift Current to Moose Jaw, SK

Well rested and eager to get started after our day off.  Feeling good from the massage and the welcoming blue skies.

Day started out like a gift, with a helping wind, allowing us to cover the first 60 km in less then 2 hours, and kept the pace up for another 30 km which brought us to be in Chaplin.

Day17Hugh and I had to take full advantage of this good fortune, so we decided to push through our break and keep moving.  That was a good idea, as the blue skies soon disappeared bringing Mr. Rain back…..but luckily the trailing wind was still blowing.  We found Jon pulled over down the highway, anticipating our need to change, and we had a quick pit stop for water, snack and to put on our rain gear.

Day17birdsWe discussed our plan for the night, and decided to bike right through to Moose Jaw.  We arrived totally soaked and covered in dirt, from our back wheels, which is the price you pay without a fender.  We felt pretty happy about our accomplishment, arriving in Moose Jaw, just short of 190 km.

Then we divided and conquered some chores.  I elected to be dropped at a laundry mat to manage the dirty clothes, while Jon and Hugh headed into town to buy groceries and pick up dinner.  Pretty good deal, as I loaded quarters into the machines and got caught up on my mail.

When the laundry was done, Jon picked me up and I arrived back to camp to be greeted by an amazing prepared dinner of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, asparagus and a bottle of wine.

Sorry this is late, but last night there was no WiFi, and I was quickly fading.  Hope you enjoy now.

Catch up with you soon.
Cheers, Sid! .

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