Day 16, June 19: Rest Day, Swift Current, SK

Day off!  I loved our day, and will say it has something to do with the fact that Swift Current is the most caring and helpful community I have ever visited.

It started when I asked direction to the library and was offered a ride.  I came to learn that wasn’t just an odd occurence, as when I was leaving the library and asking where I could find a local BMO, another person asked me if I’d like a ride.  Arrived at the BMO branch…hopefully what we will have in Collingwood shortly. As the lady and I talked about banking, I mentioned that I really wanted to book a massage (she knew why I was in Swift Current and about our ride).  Well, happens that she had the best lady in town booked for a massage at 5:00 pm, and gave me her appointment… really I tried to say no!

My next stop was at the computer store to configure and transfer everything from my smart phone to the notebook. I was asked to come back in a couple of hours to pick it up.  I enjoyed time at a coffee shop, had my Americano, which didn’t compare to Ashanti, but still good to relax.  And then my amazing massage, after which very generous masseuse insisted no charge- this was her contribution towards our ride.  Wow, what a kind place, Swift Current.

There was a huge kite festival taking place this week  with concerts throughout the week.  One store I went into I was asked if I was looking forward to the evening bands, so I asked “is there a concert”?  The owner said it was going to be amazing, and that she had an extra ticket that of course she’d love to share.  Jon knew the band, so when Hugh and I were out doing our errands and such, Jon enjoyed some well deserved entertainment.

That was my day in the Swift.  So if you ever need to be reminded of goodness… visit the Swift, the most friendly place I have ever visited.

Cheers, Sid

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1 Response to Day 16, June 19: Rest Day, Swift Current, SK

  1. Joanne Talbot says:

    I love these stories. It restores my faith in people. You deserve such an enjoyable day off. Stay safe!

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