Day 15, June 18: Maple Creek to Swift Current, SK

Deja vu – we woke up, dressed for another stormy day, and rode 135 km through hard rain and wind.

Day15rainjacketToday we broke our goals into 25 km.  We pushed hard for the first 25 km, and decided to continue to push through the next 25 km before our break at Tompkins.  We succeeded and reached our goal in 2 hours, and by good fortune Jon pulled into ‘our’ truck stop right behind us so we could rehydrate and snack on almonds and bananas. Did you know that hand dryers are great for drying shoes?

Day15dryingshoesOff we went for our next 25 km goal… twenty minutes in, we got our big break- the rain stopped and the wind shifted out of our face (Drew did you put in a good word for us??).  We took advantage of the change, not knowing how long it would last, and ramped up our cadence and speed. We covered the next 25 km at over 30 km/hr and made a great dent in our overall trip to Swift Current.

Now that wind was no longer an issue, we were sent another test of the road… flat tires.  Unfortunately I was riding in front of Hugh when he had a rear tire go down, and I didn’t hear him call out- one of the hazards of getting older – so left him behind to do his own change.  But soon after I punctured my front tire resulting in stopping me.  We got back together, all tires ready to go and we were once again on our way.

When we got rolling again we realized quickly that the winds were back, and our computer started to read 17 km/hr instead of 30+ km/hr, that wind causes havoc!  Fortunately it listened to our kind words to ‘go away, get lost’ and changed again in our favour. We covered the last stretch, riding through Swift Current and reaching our destination, the Trail Campground, in 5 hours 19 minutes.

Day15SwiftcurrentToday’s 138km ride is depicted well in the photo…a picture speaks words. So glad to be here!  Arrived to a well deserved high five and a cold Creemore – thanks again Mark Bumstead for your sponsorship.  Jon, who remains just amazing, had treats ready and a dinner recommendation.  When in Swift Creek, AB we decided to enjoy the house specialty – the best Greek restaurant West of Tholos.

Day15ArriveSwiftCurrentWe are very excited for our break in routine tomorrow.  It will be our first day off the bikes in the past fifteen, we really are taking the day off!  Now we have finished with BC, Alberta, and will  ride out of Sask in two days into Manitoba….OK TODD

Being off our bikes for the day tomorrow means we’re busy with errands and checklists. Lots of things to do, but top of my list is meeting with a computer tech to get my new notebook set up and content transferred over from my smart phone.  But of course we’ve built in some enjoyment on our checklist too, a massage to say thanks to this old body for getting me here without a lot of aches and pains. I will do my best also to respond to the many messages that I have received.  Thanks for all of your comments and generous donations to this cause.  It has really kept me going through those rainy, windy and lovely long days!

Looking forward to a sleep in and day off.  Will catch up with you in a couple of days.

Cheers Sid!!

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1 Response to Day 15, June 18: Maple Creek to Swift Current, SK

  1. Grace Oaks says:

    Following your daily adventures, Sid, and amazing how you can be so happy doing what you’re encountering. Need to get your schedule of when you will be in our Ontario region.

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