Day 13, June 16: Brooks to Medicine Hat, AB

I would never refer to myself as a routine person… but when riding a bike across Canada, there is a lot of routine, especially in the last few days… the wind, the hills, the view that just doesn’t change.

Day13Road...My desire to write something interesting is becoming somewhat challenging as we have entered into the flats of Canada.  I am learning to adjust my craving to discover and be ‘awed’ by sensational scenery and adrenaline high climbs.

We departed Brooks this morning at 8 am for our 115 km ride to Medicine Hat.  In routine there are a few constants.  The one that we just can’t break away from, and has become our daily test is wind.  Today we kept pushing against it, and though it tried to break us, and slowed us far below our average ride speed of 20 km plus we persevered!

Day13GrassWe took in more breaks, which allowed us to meet a few people and reminded us it’s the journey not the destination.  An RCMP sherriff  who’s mother lived in Owen Sound and who has spent time in my home town of Ottawa, Manotick; a waitress Natalie and her cook Teagan who were so encouraging about our ride, and insisted on treating us to lunch.

We ultimately arrived in the Hat (as referred to by the locals), which happens to be another developers paradise… again on this part of our ride, is a bit of a constant.

Day13MedicineHatWe went directly to a cycle shop when we arrive to have repairs done to Hugh’s bike, specifically a broken spoke which caused a flat tire.  If you are keeping score, that’s 2 for Hugh, 1 for me!  And all rear tires, so getting pretty good at repairing and changing.  Not quick like an Indy tire change but within 10 minutes. We also bought some additional CO2 cartridges.  What a great invention, and for those who aren’t familiar with why we need CO2, it’s used to blow up a tire rather then pumping with a traditional air pump.

Today we had a special treat!  Thank you Gord and Wendy Williams, who arranged for us to have our first sleep out of the trailer at a newly renovated Comfort Inn… thanks guys much appreciated.

We decided on an early dinner to take advantage of our accommodations, and headed off to buy epson salts so I could enjoy a special soak in the tub and relieve some of the soreness in my derriere.

Looking forward to a good night sleep and an early start for Maple Creek in the morning.  Off to soak.

Good night!  Sid

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2 Responses to Day 13, June 16: Brooks to Medicine Hat, AB

  1. wendy says:

    Happy Canada Day! It is beautiful here today! Happy belated Anniversary to you and Kathie. Ride safe!

    • We are in Ignace about 250 k from Thunder Bay….everything is going well…a nice ride today with the wind at our back…amazing experience…enjoy our special CANADA DAY…Cheers Sid and team!!

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