Day 12, June 15: Strathmore to Brooks, AB

An early morning wake up, 5.30 am, for no particular reason, but maybe my stomach was grumbling.  Enjoyed a breakfast mix of vector, banana, yogurt, honey, berries, bagel toasted with peanut butter and a large Tropicana OJ.

By the time we did all the necessary things to prepare ourselves and bicycles we were on the road by 7:30 am.

Back to a blue sky day with welcoming fluffy clouds – thank you!!!  Looking like a nice day for cycling the 121 km to Brooks, AB… however we quickly realized there was another element to consider in our weather checklist.  Wind can play havoc for a pleasurable ride!  Would have loved if it had been on our backs, but instead was coming in a south east direction, which means blowing right at our noses.  Not a lot of mountains about to break the breeze.  Hello prairie wind.  Thanks for joining us for our entire journey to Brooks.

Day 12 - prairie roadWe climbed only 316 metres, but with the wind, it seemed like much more.  My computer tells me that I burned  4,200 calories today, wind was definitely a factor in my exertion.

It’s hard to fathom the change of scenery  from last week but that is what this country is all about. The contrast is best observed by having a close look at the attached photo. Snow capped mountains… oil digger… where do each belong?

Day 12- oil diggerWe arrived into Brooks close to 4:00 pm, windblown, but dry.

Day 12- Brooks BCThe campground is again not picture worthy.  Operated by the Kiwanis club, it offers water and electricity, however only one outhouse for the whole site of 60 to 70 campers and RV’s.  So I made a phone call to Travelodge and explained our situation and lovely Dimples, at the front desk, offered us a room to have a shower and a little update on the sports scene. Very kind of her and great for us.

We made the short walk  back to the park and Jon graciously offered  to prepare dinner for the Father’s.  Excellent pasta with Italian sausage, very good and high carbs to keep us going, thanks Jon.

Just checked the weather forecast and it looks like we’ll be riding with our rain gear for the next couple of days.  Let’s get the rain out of the system…  rain rain, bring it on!  Off to Medicine Hat in the morning.  Let’s hope the weather man is wrong!

Cheers Sid!!

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1 Response to Day 12, June 15: Strathmore to Brooks, AB

  1. Bonnie Rolleston says:

    Keep on going strong, Sid – Bobby and I are pulling for you and love the blog!! xoxo

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