Day 11, June 14: Kananaskis to Calgary to Stratmore, AB

Woke up at 6:30 am, and realized Alberta was not going to give us our break today… overcast, threatening dark skies similar to yesterday. However the local forecast was for sun, so we decided when in Kananaskis do as the Kananaskis’ do… we skipped the rain gear, but did wear some warm layers.

It was cold, 6 C on our ride to Calgary. The 70 km were straight forward on the Trans Canada Highway, with some climbs, but nothing compared to the last few days.  The welcome sign in Calgary was well received.

Day 10 Calgary town signJust past the sign we discovered Olympic park, the new home to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, which our friend Sharon Posen has led for the last several years. Prior to its opening last year, most of the treasures from Canada’s top athletes had been stored in a Toronto warehouse, with no public display. Sharon, through her persistence brought this project to fruition to honour Canada’s sports heroes.  So why Calgary? Ontario wouldn’t put up the necessary funds, so Alberta jumped in and chose Calgary as the location.

Day 11 sports hall of fameWe had three choices to get to the East side of Calgary.  Our inner wisdom selected the bicycle path along the Bow River.  Biking past the remnants of flood damage, we rode close to 40 km, winding through the metropolitan area of Calgary, gradually making our way back to the Trans Canada.

Rode through to Chester Mirror, first community East of Calgary. Situated on a lake it looked as if it had all been built in the last 5 years.. Alberta is doing well!

The sun finally came out along with strong wind to keep us company for the last 40 km through Stratmore, a little town that has every major known franchise. Staying in a campground 2 km past Stratmore… but it doesn’t deserve a photo.

As we rode today, Jon had his own adventures, getting measured for his tuxedo.  No more fretting Kath… he’s all ready to wish his good friend off on her wedding day. Jon will be leaving us in Winnipeg to fly to Toronto. Luckily that is no time too soon, Jon has been amazing and I’ve enjoyed seeing his paintings take shape and capture this beautiful country on canvas.

He’s inspired my creativity… do you like my shadow selfie?

Day 11 shadow selfieWe are currently at Boston Pizza, enjoying a pizza, and couple of beers.  As we fall asleep tonight, we will hope tomorrow brings warm weather and SUN!  We are off to Brook, AB tomorrow for another long ride, 143 km.

Cheers, Sid!

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1 Response to Day 11, June 14: Kananaskis to Calgary to Stratmore, AB

  1. Mary Joan says:

    Yes the shadow selfie is a cool idea. The Calgary photo is real proof that you are doing those kilometers for sure. The 10 Celsius type temperatures are a bit cool ugh?
    Yep it sounds like Jon has an important job alright.
    Safe riding
    M Joan

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