Day 10, June 13: Lake Louise to Kananaskis, AB

We’ve entered the mountains! Our internet connection is very weak and intermittent, so I’ll try to get my blog out everyday, but if you don’t hear from me, don’t worry… it just means we are enjoying a little mountain town with no high speed luxury.

Yesterday we awoke, and realized how well BC treated us… big weather change here in the Alberta mountains.  We were greeted at 6:30 am with deep dark overcast skies, light rain and 4 C.  Glad to be calling the trailer home, and not a tent!

Departed at 8:45 am. We had a good idea that the weather was not going to be kind to us so dressed prepared for some rain.  Luckily we had foresight, right after we headed out the temperature dropped and the skies opened, coming down in buckets. We put our heads down and pushed on through the rain and wind. Thank goodness it wasn’t yesterday with our big climbs… hills were long, but much more gradual and easier climbing.

Day 10Some good recommendations got us off Highway 1 and onto to 1A to enjoy country roads, similar to those west of Thornbury, with very little traffic.  Welcomed a stop at a a small country store to ring out my soaked gloves and warm my FREEZING hands with hot water.  Call me an optimist, but what a great ride in spite of the weather.  It is such beautiful country.  The Bow River and surroundings 25 km ride into Banff is just incredible.

Bow River, ABWe arrived in Banff and felt at home when we spotted a Tim Hortons and had some more fuel before heading to Canmore.  Enjoyed a new paved trail running the full 25 km to Canmore parallel to the Trans Canada Highway.

Day 10- birch treesAs we prepared to bike on to Kananaskis the skies darkened and sure enough the rain and wind joined us again.  When it rains it pours… of course during this downpour we experienced the first flat tire of our ride.  We got back up and running, and came up against more rain, and a colder weather front.

Rainy dayWe still had another 60 km to Calgary so decided to call it a day and make up some time tomorrow.  Our second big decision of the trip that shows we are getting much smarter!  Found a site just of the highway and immediately jumped in the trailer and tried to warm up… eventually turned on the furnace and enjoyed the heat, what a relief!

Enjoyed a healthy dinner of rice, and chicken curry…some more heat to warm these bones!  Hoping for better weather tomorrow as we stretch out our distance.  Cross your fingers that we awake to sunshine… come on Alberta, be kind to us!

Cheers, Sid!!

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