Day 9, June 12: Golden, BC to Lake Louise, AB

I knew it was going to be a long day when I had to walk uphill to the bathroom to start the day.  And I was right.  From the time we rode out to the Trans Canada to our arrival into Lake Louise it felt as if 85% was climbing.

The first hour and fifteen we rode 21 km, and reached our first summit of the day.  At one point we looked down into the valley, from our somewhat bikeable road grade, and guess what we had missed – a paved bicycyle path with much less incline, but we rationlized by saying we weren’t cutting corners.

A short downhill reward to catch our breath, and then up we went again.  Another climb for 45 minutes.  Luckily we distracted ourselves somewhat from our grind with the unbelievable the scenery.

Day12 riverIf we were feeling slightly tired and knocked down, that all changed quickly when we caught up to a cyclist that had a load that looked like a downtown bag lady.  We stopped and said hello, learning that he was from Japan and doing a solo ride fully loaded to Whitehorse.  Wow, that sure gave us good energy and a positive outlook about our ride to Lake Louise.

We saw the sign “Field, BC 20k” and rejoiced, but quickly realized there’d be no A&W eggs and toast in this little mountain town.  We stopped at a local café from the hippy days, so I went with the house specialty: rice bowl with sprouts, beets, carrots, tofu.  I guess lunch was grazing, but good quick energy though.

As we headed out, we kept our eyes open for a sign indicating we were entering Alberta and the Continental Divide was just ahead, but neither one ever appeared.  So we looked to the rivers, and hoped we saw one flowing towards the Atlantic – no such luck.  Onwards and upwards we went, putting that rice bowl to test!  Another 40 minute climb, and finally a 15 km sign to Lake Louise.  Ah, and the reward… good downhill and flats right to the campground.

Day12 LL signJon dropped his friend Steve off for his bus ride back to Vancouver.  We’ll miss Steve, and thank him for joining us, and helping us.  He has many talents, but at camp, we were always amazed by his wood gathering… now being passed to me, hmmmm.  So now we are three, and that means we can all fit back in the Trailer… none too soon, as it is getting COLD at night in these mountain towns.

We decided we couldn’t miss a visit to the Chateau and the Lake, but forget the teahouse, we didn’t need a 3 km hike. Ate a great meal at the Outpost…burger, fries, salad and a couple of beers.  Well deserved!

Day12 LakeLouiseAnd then my big reward for the day. A sign at the campground said free firewood, so no wood gathering for me.  Couldn’t have assigned myself a better job!

That’s about it for today.  We’re off to play a couple of games of backgammon and then off to bed.

Tomorrow we’ll ride to Banff in the morning, then onto Calgary. Thanks beautiful BC for giving us so much.  Alberta please treat us as well.

Cheers!!  Sid

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6 Responses to Day 9, June 12: Golden, BC to Lake Louise, AB

  1. Phil Droznika says:

    I am happy you are enjoying your adventure!……stay safe and ATB……Phil

  2. Randy Elliott says:

    Hi Sid, being an old prairie boy, I know your going to love the next 1000 km because it’s flat with a great tail wind. A bikers dream. I’m jealous, wishing I was was riding with you. Hell, I hope I’m still breathing when I’m 70.

  3. wendy says:

    It is amazing how the scenery can distract you!

  4. Grace Oaks says:

    Love your pictures and blog, Sid. Hope every day makes you happy.


  5. Liz says:

    Love the geography lesson, love the photos and the daily recap! Ride on!!!!

  6. Tina Edwards says:

    Checking out all of your photos and blog! Awesome! Praying for perfect weather all the way…….Godspeed!

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