Day 7, June 10: Revelstoke to Alberta Canyon / Day 8, June 11: Alberta Canyon to Golden, BC

We are keeners… so much for our rest day!  The only thing I truly took off yesterday was writing my blog, so here you go with two days in one.

Yesterday we woke up in Revelstoke to another glorious day, excited for a day to relax.   But when we arrived back to the RV park in the morning after a trip to buy supplies in town, and realized we had the whole day ahead of us… well let’s get going!  Actually, we made a good decision. Hugh and I were well rested, no aches and pains, and looking ahead we realized it was best to ride an enjoyable 30 km to take some heat off the next leg of our ride, which was a 150 km ride with lots of vertical, including a 35 km climb to the summit at Rogers Pass.

So we headed out and were rewarded for our decision by discovering that Alberta Canyon has hot springs!  A little exercise, soothing baths, watching a movie, enjoying a beer… wow, what a life!  … but we know we are in the mountains now, the night was COLD!

We had to warm up our bones in the morning, and hit the road a little later than normal, around 8:45 am.  We immediately started to climb, no chance for some easy spinning to wake up our muscles, and that was pretty much the story for the day.  Up and Up we went!  We rode through the first three tunnels, which were a little tense… and were then advised by the ranger not to take a chance in the next ones.  We took his advice, and had a drive with Jon for the next 5 km…we are getting a little smarter.

TunnelWe soon approached the 35 km steady incline to the summit of Rogers Pass.  Proud to say it was not as difficult as I had expected, but certainly relieved to get a little downhill after the workout.

Rogers PassThen, like an aftershock, we came to another climb similar to Rogers Pass but not as long.  Luckily after that we had mostly long downhills as we rode into Golden.

GoldenTop priority in arriving into Golden was food – a much needed late lunch.   As we were eating and discussing our great climbs of the day we checked in with Jon on the location of our home for the night. Excellent, it sounded like a good spot, but was on the far side of Golden, which means one more long climb for the day – oh well, one less for the morning!

What a great day, really a memorable one for scenery, climbs and the ground we covered.  We cross the border tomorrow – bye bye BC, your treated us well, and we had lots of fun!

SidhighwayOff to Lake Louise in the morning for a short riding day, about 87 km.

It’s been great to hear from all of you, please keep the mail coming!

Thanks!  Sid

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1 Response to Day 7, June 10: Revelstoke to Alberta Canyon / Day 8, June 11: Alberta Canyon to Golden, BC

  1. Mary J. Graham says:

    Sid, I just read your comments and glad you are doing cautious thinking . I like the picture and glad you are being thoughtful of all your planning. Say “Hello” to Jonathon/friend and Hugh Will keep touch.
    God Bless. Lots of Love. Mother. Proud of your endeavors.

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