Day 6, June 9: Salmon Arm to Revelstoke, BC

When biking across Canada, a little routine is good!  So 5 days in we have no qualms about the weather staying the exact same – blue skies  and very little wind.

Prepared the bikes early morning, checking the tires, and realized I am either gaining a lot of weight, riding my bike long and hard, or hm… any bike mechanics out there?  I needed 17 pounds of air!

We were on our way a little after 8, or atleast Hugh was.  I needed a GPS to get me out of the campground as I got turned around and took three turns to find my way out.  Should have just hollered and followed Hugh’s voice… good laugh to start off our ride.

The road treated us well, and was relatively flat for the first 35 km.  As I said, routine is good on a long ride, and so it seems A&W is becoming part of our routine!  Spotting the sign we stopped to enjoy scrambled eggs, toast with peanut butter and orange juice.  Fueled up and ready to go again… and I wonder why my tires are running flat!

A few short climbs landed us to Eagle River.  TRIVIA QUESTION:  Where was  the last spike was driven in 1885?

Last spikeWe enjoyed the visitors sights, but quickly refocused to the road as we headed back to the Trans Canada to see some very heavy rain clouds approaching.  Luck was on our side… there was Jon, pulling into the parking lot to take in the landmark…great timing.  We unpacked our rain gear just as the heavens opened up, and started out of the van prepared to get wet!  I don’t mind biking in the rain, but we were washed aside by the spray coming off the logging trucks and transports. It felt as if we were sitting on the  hood of a car going through a car wash.  We persevered and around a couple of more corners and another climb, our good old friend, the sun, came back to ride with us into Revelstoke.

We arrived in Revelstoke, 95 km from our start, in approx 4 hours and 20 minutes.  This is mountain life.  Really neat town, beautifully located below the snowcapped mountains and on the Columbia River.  If we only had our skis…  the hills are still covered with snow.

We checked into the RV park to have our pro sherpas already there and set up for the night.  Jon and Steve are amazing in looking after these old guys.  They drive, shop, cook and make sure we always have our chocolate milk and nuts for our post ride snack.  Can’t express enough thanks and appreciation for their help!

Hugh and I went into town to cheer on the Rangers and Kevin, but sadly our fan support didn’t help them tonight.

After dinner and the game we hit it lucky as we returned ‘home’ to find Jon cooking wings on the BBQ (no dehydrated camping food around here!), so guess what I am snacking on as I sit here doing the summary of another amazing day?

Looking forward to our day off tomorrow….catch up on next ride day….

Cheers, Sid

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2 Responses to Day 6, June 9: Salmon Arm to Revelstoke, BC

  1. Great to read how your ride is going Sid. Store the Mountain memories for recall on the prairies!
    Bob Galway

  2. Wendy says:

    Fantastic Sid. We spent every summer in the interior of B.C. I love Salmon Arm. We even house boated in that area. How are the sit bones:). The Ride this weekend was glorious. Lee, Denise and Darcy were terrific. Lee made it the whole ride. Denise was so strong. We missed you of course.

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