Day 4, June 7: Cache Creek to Kamloops, BC

I’m not just an optimist, I really can’t believe our luck with weather.  Today we awoke to another perfect day, hitting the road at 7.30 am.  A nice surprise awaited our start, being in the mountains we just assumed we would climb, but the saying is true – what goes up, must come down!  Our day started with a lot of downhill, covering the first 40 km without a lot of effort…. so we decided to continue feeling spoiled, and stopped for a mid-morning pancake and a bowl of oatmeal.  Our pitstop was a blessing in disguise, as we needed those extra calories to get us through the rest of our ride.  We went from downhill to uphill very quickly, climbing over 870 meters in total, though not too steep with a grade between 6 and 8 percent.

We found lots of time to take in the sites… as we biked past…  so glad for that, as the views again were spectacular.

Kamploops RoadMountain LakeThe most difficult part of the ride was making the entry into Kamloops.  Would it be fun to bike the 401 through Toronto?  No!  It was an easy decision to get off the highway as we entered into a maze of chaos, and take the original # 1 through Kamloops to our site 10 km on the other side of the city.

In total today we covered 100 km in 4-1/2 hours, arriving into Kamloops to enjoy a stretch, our end of ride cheers of a cold Creemore Lager, and a much needed hot shower.

We are going to disconnect the trailer and head into the city for some groceries, dinner and a night on the town!   Not too late, as we are preparing for a big ride tomorrow, with more climbs, as we head to Salmon Arm.

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6 Responses to Day 4, June 7: Cache Creek to Kamloops, BC

  1. Joanne Talbot says:

    Love the blog and the photos are spectacular. I am living vicariously through you!
    Be safe. Joanne Talbot

  2. Mary Joan Graham says:

    The photos are great. I bet you enjoy when it’s time for refreshments. The scenery must be beyond memorable. I’m glad you are so safety conscious. I look forward to reading your entries each day.
    M Joan

    • sid dickinson says:

      Hi jo and tom..nice to hear from you..up at 6pm this am to another weather perfect day…wonder how long we can keep this going.Off to salmon arm today….looks like a four and half hour ride..miss all you guys..Cheers Sid!!

    • sid dickinson says:

      Hi mom and jo..nice to hear from u…a life experience….beautiful scenery. .very enjoyable at the end of each day…great sleeps 8 hours….had breakfast getting ready to leave for salmon you!!

  3. Grace Oaks says:

    So happy to read your blog every day, Sid. Have been over these roads several times but in a much easier mode of transportation. Happy riding.
    Grace Oaks

  4. ian MacLeod says:

    What an experience …. enjoy every moment of it !!!
    Darice led us to a successful ride this past weekend , no accidents and the team went across the line in Toronto with Lee in front !
    Ride safely ….. Ian & Darcy

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