Day 3, June 6: Boston Bar to Cache Creek, BC

Another sunny BC day welcomed us back to the road, though we pulled out our warm riding gear as the mountain morning started out at just +3 C.  After the first couple of hours the sun warmed up the day, or maybe it was those first climbs that heated us up, but we shed our layers and rode on.


From Boston Bar to Cache Creek  we took in spectacular scenery during the 135 km ride, enjoying the mountains, the Fraser and Thompson.  We climbed more vertical than yesterday, almost 4700 ft, with some really long climbs.  That Jack Ass mountain will not be forgotten quickly, and was a good confidence builder as we go higher and higher.  I have no fear of heights, and ended the day on a high (no pun intended!), and was very happy to not have come across any more tunnels!

River River1We learn quickly, and started the day with Vector, and a fruit salad of strawberries, bananas, melon and oranges.  Not only does it sound healthier… it energized me much better than the toasted bacon and egg sandwich that started my ride yesterday.  We powered ourselves throughout the day with Hugh’s special Rice Balls recipe, including white rice, bacon,egg and honey, plus on the go honey sticks, rice krispie squares, bananas and peanut butter bars.  My dietician was correct when she told me to consume 6,000 calories a day so I don’t fade away.  I arrived at the campsite and immediately took in pistachios, almonds and peanut butter sandwiches, of course a Creemore Lager, and then its dinner time!  Just step on my toe and my mouth opens.

Tomorrow is a shorter ride, taking us back to city life, as we head to Kamloops.  We’ll ride 90 km, but experience lots of vertical.  Looking forward to it as much as I’m looking forward to climbing into my comfy Vista sleeper bed.  Have a good night!


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