Day 2, June 5: Agassiz to Boston Bar, BC

Once again today, BC treated us well with another + 25 C sunny day.  The coast highways turned into mountain passes today as rode 100 km, and climbed approx 4000 ft.  The most difficult part of our ride were the tunnels.  Lots of mountains means good climbs, and… if you can’t go around it, under it or over it…  go through it… tunnels!  We encountered six tunnels, which were not built with bikers in mind.  Three we rode through, very carefully, but for the other three tunnels, it was not a difficult decision to get off and walk our bikes. The raised ‘bicycle’ lane was so narrow it was far too dangerous, for our own safety, to ride.

We arrived into Boston Bar at 3:00 pm this afternoon, after a roadside egg breakfast, three breaks for hydration and snack food, and a very well deserved waffle cone just coming into Boston Bar.  We are off to Cache Creek in the morning, with hopes that good weather, and very little wind (well, a little wind at our backs would be ok!)  will greet us along the way, as we have a lot of climbing in store on our approx 139 km ride.

On the road to Boston Bar

On the road to Boston Bar

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