Day 1, June 4: Vancouver to Agassiz, BC

6:20 wake up call, too excited to not bounce out of bed and get going. Power breakfast, and our mapped out route downloaded onto GPS, Hugh and I cycled out of the North Vancouver straddled with my daughter Kelly, Michael and grandsons Jack, Max and Henry.  So the first hour of our ride took longer than planned…and the first 20 km was an interesting mix of …. well, what happens on the road stays on the road.  Memories aren’t meant to rush past, and that’s what family is for, but I give Hugh special thanks for his patience.  We have another 70 days!

Riding Send OffOn the Road

Jon and his friend Steve found a piece of paradise in Agassiz, which was a welcoming spot to relax after our 130 km ride.  Slight winds, +20 C sun, and threatening clouds, drove us along the Lougheed Highway as we experienced great sights of West Coast living, with logging on the Fraser, ocean views, and rolling hills.  Only 5 minutes from Harrison Hotsprings, the idea of the soothing pools have no pull, as the first day is finished with a stretch, a Creemore Springs Lager, and making a fire to enjoy Smores and hotdogs with my grandsons who have joined us, in tent, for the night.  Stay tuned, day two starts soon!

Agassiz campsite

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